Todays is unthinkable to live in our society without any support by informative systems. They represent a field of innumerable applications, characterized by a continuous evolution, designed in the name of personal wellness and a more comfortable living.
Terms such as Internet of Things and Web 3.0 are ever more part of the world we will be living and the technological revolution that we observe puts the web at the center of many social and cultural activities as never before.
As designers of information systems we have to make our contribution. For this reason we consider that it is appropriate to adopt a web-oriented approach to the development of information systems, with the aim of obtaining the maximum integration between the PLC, or PC-based systems, with web platforms.

In our business, we put the focus on web applications implemented in industrial automation, building automation and services. We use the renowned development platforms with high technological quality, using sensing instruments, vision, image processing and audio editing according to the needs.